Sunday, May 18, 2014

I've realized that having a puppy is good preparation for children. She wakes us up before we want to get up, I find little puppy teeth that have fallen out of her mouth, she requires care and attention that take up time and money. But she has brought so much joy into our home and we lover her. So for now she is the closest thing we have to a child and we're good with that for a while. 

Speaking a language and translating a language are two different things. But when we do translate, it's a lot easier for Mitch and I to translate from Spanish into English. However, Mitch had his first opportunity to translate a sermon from English to Spanish with an American missionary that came to visit us. He did a great job and I'm so proud! He's a natural. 

The 2 older kids pictured, Elmer and Nora, recently accepted Christ! We are praying for the rest of their family, including their widowed mother to come to Christ as well. As my husband put it, we are so thankful for supporters who help us put Bible's in their hands and the Word in their hearts! 

The other day we visited a church in a village called Las Animas. It was the farthest village from town that we've visited. The ride was long and bumpy, but it was so neat to see the Pastor's love and dedication for these people. 

The Guatemalan rainy season is officially underway. Mitch and I moved here on the tail end of the rainy season in October. We've had non-stop sunshine up until now, which has been awesome for this Florida girl! Now we are trying to adjust to rain almost everyday. But when the sun is out, we take full advantage of it!

Assuming I was a local, a tourist walked up to me on day in Antigua and asked, "Hablas Ingles?" (Do you speak English). I replied, "Si!" And then he proceeded to ask me to take a photo of him. It made me smile that I was seen as a local. Then I realized, I am a local! I live here! Mitch and I certainly have days where we long for Tex Mex and our family and friends. But we love living in Guatemala and are so glad God brought us here. Now it's only a matter of time before we become Guatemalan residents!

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