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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Happy 2015, everyone! I love the start of the New Year. It's the perfect opportunity to start fresh. With that being said, we have some exciting, new things ahead of us!

This past summer, Mitch was talking to me about how we could create opportunity for people in the villages. We've always felt a huge burden for the well-being of these villagers. Day in and day out we would teach the Bible and pray with people, but we wanted to be involved in their physical world as well as their spiritual. Kids are often hungry, families are without jobs and most parents can't afford to keep their kids in school. So how were we to hurdle this huge obstacle?

When we were in the States, we came in contact with some paper beads that are made by women in Africa and are sold in the States. I loved this idea. Paper is so simple and resourceful. We began tossing around ideas of what this would look like for the villages we work in. We thought that this could be extremely beneficial for the villagers and create awareness to the American people. We decided to give it a go and see if this could be a successful method of helping villagers rise above poverty.

From that, The Thrive Collective was born.

In most of our villages there is no economy, no opportunity for growth, and no hope. We're seeking to change that. Each woman will enter in learning to make beads, being paid for her work, how to manage finances, learn basic healthcare and how to study the Bible and teach it to others. Having learned a new skill set, they will leave within 3-5 years ready to start their own business that will bring economy and employment to their community. Our goal is to see these communities Thrive both spiritually and physically.

We are also partnering with some local artisans from Antigua who make beautiful bags! They will be for sale and will directly help bring income to the women we work with as well as the local artisans.

Our official launch is this Spring! We have been working hard to get everything ready by Spring(March!) so our website can go live, you can start shopping and our women can begin receiving an income!

I hope you'll follow along and be apart of this amazing opportunity to transform lives and villages in Guatemala!
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2015, may you be the best year yet.

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