A mere 5 days

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Here we go. We're on the home stretch. Just a few more days until Mitch and I become a married couple. It still has not sunk in for either of us, but we're excited nonetheless.

My parents home has become wedding central. The dining room has been taken over by presents, decorations, and more. Reminds us of how blessed we are. Our journey is together is right around the corner.

Many probably don't know that Mitch and I will be starting a missions program after the wedding. We are moving to Nashville, TN for about a year for training. After our training we will move overseas for 2 years! Where we will go is still to be determined (for the most part), but we are hoping to live in Guatemala. The program is 3 years, but we're committing our whole lives to sharing the Gospel with the nations. Here's more info, check out the flyer we made.

We are so thankful to those we have already committed to support us! We will be keeping everyone updated as much as possible on what the Lord is doing in and through us! 

Hope to see many of you soon at our wedding! 

                                      These will be seen at the reception. Prepare to have fun =)

Dios te bendiga.  --Amanda

Soon and very soon...

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hello bloggers!

Mitch and I have decided to combine this blog for the both of us since we will soon become one. We are down to 31 days until marriage! Time has flown. Not too long ago we were privileged to take engagement photos with the talented Anna Pociask. Take a look, her work is wonderful.


We are so excited about the new beginnings God is taking us through in our lives. After the honeymoon, we are headed to Nashville, TN for our missions training though the program TREK-X. We will spend a year there and 2 years overseas. Upon completion of the program we will be commissioned as career missionaries. We can't wait! Check it out at: Mobilizing Students

I have been so blessed to be apart of Whitesburg Baptist Church. God opened the door for me to come work with such fabulous people and share in His kingdom. This summer I was able to go to both Middle and High School Camp. What fun it was and oh how God is moving in the lives of students. It's so encouraging to see teenagers with such a passion for Christ. 
Several of us (by several I mean 24) leave this Friday for Arecibo, Puerto Rico! We will spend a week there serving with the Primera Iglesia Bautista de Arecibo (1st Baptist Church of Arecibo). This will be my last trip with my Hunstville friends. Then it's home bound to go ole Pensacola, Florida where wedding bells are ringing =)

Mitch and I will do our best at updating what the Lord is doing in our lives and through us as we serve with Mobilizing Students. Thanks to all who have committed in supporting us through both prayer and finances.

Adios amigos,
Amanda (soon to be Munoz) 

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