A mere 5 days

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Here we go. We're on the home stretch. Just a few more days until Mitch and I become a married couple. It still has not sunk in for either of us, but we're excited nonetheless.

My parents home has become wedding central. The dining room has been taken over by presents, decorations, and more. Reminds us of how blessed we are. Our journey is together is right around the corner.

Many probably don't know that Mitch and I will be starting a missions program after the wedding. We are moving to Nashville, TN for about a year for training. After our training we will move overseas for 2 years! Where we will go is still to be determined (for the most part), but we are hoping to live in Guatemala. The program is 3 years, but we're committing our whole lives to sharing the Gospel with the nations. Here's more info, check out the flyer we made.

We are so thankful to those we have already committed to support us! We will be keeping everyone updated as much as possible on what the Lord is doing in and through us! 

Hope to see many of you soon at our wedding! 

                                      These will be seen at the reception. Prepare to have fun =)

Dios te bendiga.  --Amanda

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  1. AHH...THE PROPS TURNED OUT WAY CUTER THAN MINE...LOVE THEM!!! Saturday will be the BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE. I can't wait to see pictures!!!


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