thankful hearts, surrendered lives

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Just a week after the murder of a man in Los Chilitos, many of the Catholics gathered around in the village to preform rituals that would supposedly make the evil spirits flee. We drove into the village that day not knowing what was going on. We realized there weren't many people walking around, but we gathered with those that were. Hail and rain began pouring down and all the schools kids waited patiently under the school for the opportune time to make a run for their homes. The little ones waited with Rebecca and I and together we read the story of Abraham. We followed the story with a song that even the village kids knew, "Father Abraham had many sons, many sons had father Abraham."       

While we kept occupied, waiting for the rain to slow down, Mitch and Esaú met Gilberto in his home with chicken and tortillas. Even in Guatemala, the best way to win a man is with food. Gilberto is the father of Sindy, the 17 year old who was recently saved and baptized. After talking and eating for a while, Mitch asked him a hard question, "Are you about ready to give your life to Christ? 
I'm almost ready," Gilberto answered easily. 
The following Sunday we drove up to their home for bible study liked we had planed with him. We studied John 1 and it was evident that they were soaking up God's word. We wrapped up our study with prayer and said hasta mañana. 
We rolled in on Monday and followed our normal schedule with the kids. When we were done, we walked to Gilberto's house and sat and listened as the guys' conversation grew into something spiritual. By the end of our time there, Gilberto was on his knees in prayer surrendering his life to Christ. 

We are thankful to be a part of this ministry; to witness families give their lives to follow Jesus. As we continue to meet with Gilberto, I pray his home becomes a beacon of light for the gospel in the village of Los Chilitos.
Here are some photos of Gilberto showing us around his village; some of the prettiest views we've ever seen!

Gilberto, Mitch, Esaú, and Clay

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! 
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