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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hola friends and family!
Mitch and I have returned from our beloved honeymoon. We had a great time cruisin' down to Mexico and back. We had a bit too much food…good food and bad. Unfortunately, I found out that sushi (the raw fish kind) doesn't quite settle well with my stomach. We didn't get to see Calica, Mexico like we wanted(due to illness) but that's alright. We at least got to spend some time in Cozumel. All in all we had a wonderful time together! 

We are down to 4 days and counting until the drive to Nashville, TN. Mitch is helping clean out my room as I type. We have lots to pack up and load in our cars (hopefully it all fits in our two hondas)! We are super excited to begin Trek-X, which officially begins August 22nd. We can't thank you enough for your prayer and financial support! Some people have been curious as to how they can donate. Below is a link that will direct you to the donations page. We will continue to give updates as much as we can. As far as we know, our first trip will be September 27 (my birthday=) ) to the Dominican Republic! 

Here are a few pictures of our honeymoon.

Stayed tuned for more exciting adventures with the Muñoz's! Wedding pictures to come soon =)

With love,
Mitch and Amanda Muñoz

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  1. looks like you guys had a great time! sorry you got sick :( oh and i loved all the detail in your wedding. didn't get to tell you there, but i really really loved it!


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