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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas! Next week? 2013 twelve days away? Where did all the time go?

Today I am hibernating in my house (for now anyway). The weather looks and feels dreadful. As a native Floridian, I have fond memories of waking up on Christmas day and throwing on short sleeves and sandals. And I'd like to keep it that way. Nashville is more true to the season though. "Baby it's cold outside!"

In light of all that has happened lately in our country, I know that there will be people this Christmas who are in deep pain. Pain that will be never be understood. I would like to share an article that I came across regarding the Connecticut shooting. It is one of the best articles I have read concerning this matter ( and no, it does not talk politics!). You can find it (here). And we can't forget to pray for these families. 

Here in our little multi-ethnical world we have held several Christmas parties. First one was with all us Trek-Xers. We love our tacky sweaters :)

We learned how to make Arepa's (a delicious and traditional Colombian snack)

My friend Karissa held a Christmas party for some of the Nepali kids in our apartment complex. We made popsicle stick frames, decorated cookies, and told the story of Jesus. They loved it.

Our final Christmas party will be Sunday with our hispanic church. After that we are off to Pensacola for 3 weeks with family and friends. 
We are excited to catch up with people we love. And looking forward to being in my beloved warm state of Florida! Merry Christmas! 

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