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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Cuilapa, Santa Rosa, Gutatemala (Our home for the next 2 years)!

Thursday we were dropped off in Cuilapa and got acquainted with Pastor Mario and a little bit of the city. 
The next day we went around touring the city, which is pretty small. Mitch jokes that it is like driving around my parent's neighborhood, which is probably pretty accurate in size. Our friend we were with asked us if we wanted to see a waterfall. Thinking we were just going to do a drive by we said of course! Who wouldn't want to right? ...

Little did we know that we would be going on such an adventure. We got out of the truck, met another fellow from the church and we began walking. We crossed a busy street and started walking through a corn, bean, and coffee field. Our walk quickly turned into a strenuous hike. This hike was unlike any other though. There was no trail. The "path" was very narrow. It was really rocky. And it was wet which = slippery! Oh and downhill! Have you ever hiked downhill? It's nearly impossible.
The very top is where we started and we hiked down. 
I almost slipped about 15 times. It could have been very bad. But we kept going hoping that this crazy hike would be worth it.
As we made our way through the rocks and the mud we eventually saw this beautiful site. So, what do you think? Worth it?

Our tour guide, Fito

All this hiking took place before noon! Needless to say, the rest of the day we were exhausted. My legs are still sore. In the end, I'm kind of glad I blindly went on this adventure. Of course, I wouldn't recommend that all the time. Mitch and I will probably ask more detailed questions before agreeing to "see" a waterfall or whatever. But sometime's these adventure's are good for the soul. The physicality of it and witnessing this hidden gem of God's creation was really worth it. 

I feel like we have officially been initiated into Cuilapa! What a welcome! 

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