Land of the Eternal Spring

Monday, November 4, 2013


Right now in the States scarves are being worn, pumpkin everything is everywhere and a nice, crisp breeze is in the air. Growing up, I never got too excited about this time of the year. Probably because fall doesn't really exist in Florida. When Mitch and I moved to Nashville I experienced my first real fall. It was beautiful. But winter was never too far behind so fall was like this nice prelude to something miserable (I despise winter). So needless to say, I've always been more of a spring gal. It's when everything is brought to life again and I love it. 

All that to say, I am so happy to be living in "La tierra de la eterna primavera," or the land of the eternal Spring. Guatemala is such a beautiful country and with that comes beautiful weather. The capitol, Guatemala City is such a pleasant place. Cuilapa, where we live, is a little bit warmer which makes me feel right at home. 

I praise God for seasons, for everything has a time and place. And I praise him for bringing dead things to life. 

Happy fall to everyone in the U.S. We're going to enjoy our spring/summer weather here! 

*Coming soon: A tour of our home! 

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