Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Antigua is one of those cities that you never grow tired of. It's full of culture, charm, and amazing architecture. There's always a new restaurant to try and a new street to see. The old cobble-stone streets and rustic hotels make you feel like you're walking back into time. Antigua is 95% tourism (which explains all the European languages we heard). The short 2 hour drive from our home makes it an easy day trip. Mitch and I have visited Antigua many times, as it is the place we take groups for their excursion day. So when our friend Chase stayed with us for a month, we couldn't let him leave Guatemala without visiting Antigua. We visited many local markets, toured an old Catholic church and its catacombs, and had too much fun trying different food. 
It's truly a beautiful place and a city like none other. 

Have I convinced you to come visit us yet? Antigua is the perfect bribe, right? :) 


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