Los Chilitos

Friday, March 28, 2014

A break in routine is a good thing. An open door into a new village is even better.
Last week Mitch and I had our first mission team of the year from Owasso, Oklahoma. We worked in a new village, one Mitch and I had only visited a couple of times called Los Chilitos. After playing with/teaching the kids all week plus working on a new school for them, the people of Los Chilitos were extremely grateful. And the best part is that 3 people got saved! The team has helped open a door for Mitch and I. Now we can enter into Los Chilitos as the the recognizable gringos instead of strangers. Even though Mitch and I both were sick at times, we were refreshed by the company of the group and encouraged by their hard work. I love having teams here...it's fun for Mitch and I, it helps the local people, and it changes lives-both the villagers and the people on the trip! So a big thanks to the students and adults from First Baptist Owasso, Oklahoma for coming and serving. Here are are few photos from the week, but you can view more here. And be sure to check out the video at the end!

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