The gringos are back!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I know I'm three weeks late on this, but we're back in Guatemala!

Back to living somewhere in-between an over populated city and the middle of nowhere.
Back to speaking Spanish and playing fútbol.
Back to a dusty home and a leaky car. 
Back to eating eggs, beans, and pan Frances.
Back to afternoons spent with giggling little girls and energetic little boys.
Back to the slow-paced, small town lifestyle.
Back to being surrounded by volcanoes and mountains! 
Back to the beautiful people and rich culture that make up the place we call home.

I can remember exactly when it started to feel like home. It wasn't but a few months after moving here that Mitch and I had this mutual feeling of Guatemala being home.
Even with the long lines at the bank, limited items at the grocery store, random stops by the police, and the constant rain (October is las ultimas lluvias!), we're still thankful to call Guatemala home.

Right now we are in the final stages of turning in our paper work to become residents. Once we are accepted, Guatemala will officially (and legally) be home to us!

Being home also means new things in our ministry. Like having our friend Rebecca live and serve with us for the next 2 years! We've also started something new with some of the women in the villages. Have you seen paper beads? You may of heard of ministries in Africa making jewelry from paper and we're joining in and beginning this here in Guatemala! This is such an amazing opportunity because paper is an affordable and available resource. I have a huge vision and desire in my heart for the women in the villages. I want these women to have dignity and to thrive in their communities and personal lives.  For now we are just making beads while talking about life and Jesus with one another, but I can't wait to share more of this as we progress.

This beautiful adventure of ours has led us to a lot of places, but Guatemala is our home.
And I'm pretty certain that it always will be.  

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