Life Lately: April and May

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Who knew that life in a slow-paced culture would be so busy?! It's been so crazy around here that I've had no time to sit down and write a blog...until now! Here's a little bit of our life from the past few months.

We hosted a group from the World Race in the month of April. They traveled 11 countries in 11 months.  It's pretty hardcore and so were these girls! We loved hosting them and working alongside them in ministry for a month.  

Meet Esbin. He recently got saved! As I mentioned here, we have been taking food to families and eating dinner with them. Through this ministry, Esbin gave his life to Christ. His family has been coming to our Bible study on Monday night's and we hope to see the rest of his family come to know Christ! 

Working with these ladies is one of my favorite parts of ministry. We get to make jewelry and talk about Jesus together. :) And now our website is up and running! The only thing we lack is getting our online store up. You can still visit the website, learn more about our company and check out the blog.

In May we finished our 10 week soccer tournament for the villages. The village "Amapa" (in yellow and red) won the tournament! Mitch and Esaú had the opportunity to preach before the game and the local TV station came and videoed all of it. We joke around about being "famous" in Cuilapa because not only are we the only gringos in town, but now we've been on tv...

It's the Guatemalan rainy season right now(boo!). I'm going to sound life a broken record year after year, but I really hate the rainy season. Mud, fog,'s everywhere! The other day the current of the river we usually cross over was so strong that we couldn't even enter in the village. This whole rain everyday thing is driving me crazy and makes for some crazy weather too. I was wearing jeans, boots and a jacket the other day. Hey weather, it's June! Where' the sunshine? I'll settle for some light rain showers...let's just stop with the daily torrential downpour already.

We've hosted several teams this summer and we're super thankful for them! It's so much fun to work with teams and it's huge encouragement for our ministry! Thankful for teams from Owasso, Ok, Fayetteville, AR, and West Monroe, LA.

Right now this is #teamGuatemala! But during the next 2 months, we have a total of 10+ people coming to visit and work alongside us in ministry!! Hooray for visitors who love missions!

Pray for our ministry, pray for lives to be changed and as always, #prayforGuatemala.

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