Spring Fever

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

(Amanda Munoz Photography)

I've been itching for Spring lately. Happens every year this time…i'm just so over the cold. It snowed here on Sunday and while it was pretty to look at, it was too cold to actually enjoy. I can't wait for pretty flowers, warm weather, and all the exciting activities taking place. Spring is by far my favorite season!

Once March rolls around, things will become even busier.
Our first mission trip of the new year will be in Atlanta, GA. We will be working in multi-ethnic apartment complexes sharing the gospel, and possibly doing a VBS for this kids. There are over 145 countries and 761 language groups represented within a 5 mile radius of our ministry site! Talk about reaching the nations! Betcha didn't know that about Atlanta…I sure didn't. Please be in prayer for this trip and our trip to Guatemala this summer.

Mitch and I have been brushing up on our Spanish lately. We would love to come back from Guatemala fluent! :) We'll see…

Been enjoying these lovely roses from my sweet husband. Couldn't help but share.
God Bless.

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