Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Here we are, 1 month out until our departure to Guatemala. Mitch and I have officially moved out of our apartment for the summer. Our last week in Nashville(until August) consisted of lots of packing, dinner with our Burmese friends, lunch at a Middle Eastern Restaurant, and one final lunch with our group.

We are now in Pensacola and are totally enjoying some beach time!
I am thankful to be in my hometown. I got be with my mom on her birthday and I was so thrilled to be in town for my best friend's graduation. We have been friends since kindergarden and now I was able to watch her graduate from college!

For the next few months I feel as if we will be living as nomads, taking up space in other people's homes, not really settling anywhere. Even while we are in Guatemala, we will be traveling between several different villages. That's alright. It's all apart of this grand adventure that the Lord is taking us on. We are very excited for the things to come! 
Here are some ways you can join us in prayer:
-Pray that the Lord would begin preparing Mitch and I for this summer. That we would be selfless servants. 
-Pray for unity and servanthood amongst the teams we'll be working alongside. 
-Pray that we would be concerned with the name of Jesus more than our own comforts.
-And definitely pray for the people of Guatemala, those in specifically in Santa Luisa, Paramos, and The 46. We are praying and expecting the Lord to work in their hearts and lives. 

Thanks to all who keep up with our journey and thank you for the continual prayers!
God bless!  

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