So long, Nashville

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I feel as if I've had writers block for the past couple of weeks. That, and I've just forgotten I had a blog. Sorry.

Today marks 1 week until we officially begin moving everything out of our apartment. I am so excited!
I have throughly enjoyed the past 8 in a half months in Nashville. Good thing is that we'll be back in August! However, it's been a slow year for me. I feel like I've been in a season of dullness and am sorta ready for something different. So nonetheless I am looking forward to our summer journey.
We will split the month of May up between Florida and Texas
And in June & July we will be in Guatemala!! 

Fun fact about our trip to Guatemala:
One of the villages we are going to, called "The 46," apparently has never seen outsiders. We will be the first! 
Our work will also be in Santa Luisa and Paramos. 
Everyone else in the program will be scattered either in Atlanta, Dominican Republic, or Puerto Rico. Please be in prayer for our teams this summer!! 

We took our last retreat of the year (until next fall of course) a couple of weeks ago. We camped (and by we I mean the boys-the girls slept inside!) in the Middle of Nowhere, TN. Also known as: Pulaski, TN. It was a fun trip!

Looking forward to this weekend with Mitch's brother and sister-in-law Fri-Sat and a photo shoot Sunday!

Seeing as we move out in a week, things should probably need to start finding their way into boxes soon. Which means I gotta get to work! See ya in a few months Nashville!
Stay tuned for many updates throughout the summer!

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