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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

As we've spent the past 3 weeks here in Guatemala, reality starts to check in that next year we will be moving overseas permanently (well for 2 years). There are so many things I miss about the States. For one, the ice cream here is no where close to as good as back home. I could really go for a Reese's blast from sonic right now :)
I think my main longing for home is the fact that I have been sick on and off since Friday. And I just really want that to go away.

We have been working in a municipal called Parramos, about 45 min from Guatemala City. There are a lot of surrounding villages that we have been working in as well. Right now it is "winter" which I think just means rain. The weather is very nice though.
A typical day in Parramos varies. We are partnering with an organization called Loving Arms. Some days we have been visiting different schools and teaching them English through Bible stories. The afternoons are spent doing various work in a field owned by Loving Arms to provide crops for indigenous people. We have decided that we are not cut out for the life of a farmer! It's hard work!

One of the days, we went to a indigenous villages and painted their new stoves. These people grow up cooking with fire and breathing in all the smoke. Loving Arms has built new stoves for them so their homes and their lungs will no longer be filled with smoke. 

Tomorrow we will celebrate my sister-in-law, Megan's birthday! She will go back home on Monday. Mitch and I still have a good 4 in a half more weeks here. Our next group doesn't come in until July 15th. It is very easy to get tired and weak here, pray the Lord gives us stamina. We have been relying on His strength a lot. We are nothing without Him. All in all, Guatemala is good, and God is good!

Have I mentioned that the view here is amazing? I could get used to seeing this everyday!

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