The 46

Monday, July 23, 2012

We finished our first work week in The 46 on Friday working with a group from North Carolina and building a retaining wall behind the school.
We are the first American group to come into this village and they are so grateful for that. They are a village that is overlooked by most of society so we are blessed to serve them.
This week the group will continue building the wall and will also begin VBS. This is a big deal because the majority, if not all of these children(and families) are without Christ. 
Pray for the power of the Word to come alive to these children. Also pray for Mitch as he translates! 

I am joining the other half of the North Carolina group in a town called Parramos. We are working in several different villages doing VBS, painting, building & farming. 

Our view from the worksite is breathtaking! 

Mi amiga, Nidia


Soccer break


I cannot believe it is already our last week in Guatemala! Praying that the Lord blesses this week. 


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