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Monday, August 13, 2012

We returned from our summer in Guatemala on July 30th. We have been non stop busy ever since (hence the lack of blogging).
After traveling from Houston, Austin, and Dallas, we are now in Pensacola….but only for 3 days!
Our life is like a whirlwind right in front of our own eyes. Does life ever slow down? I've been waiting for it to, but it still hasn't!

Our last week in Guatemala was bittersweet. We made so many new friends, saw many children come to know the Lord, and fell in love with the country and people of Guatemala. It was starting to feel like home. But I have a feeling we'll be back :)

If you've been following along with our journey this summer, you may remember us talking about the village The 46. Our main project in this village was a retaining wall. Below is a picture of the wall-the completed wall! We are so excited to have finished their retaining wall and to have done the first ever VBS in their village. God is radically at work in that village & Mitch and I feel blessed to have been apart of it.

The Wall-Before & After 

August 5th, 2011 was a wonderful, beautiful day. I will never forget the day I married my best friend. I cherish my husband and our marriage deeply. I am so thankful that the Lord has given us a year of marriage. We hope for many more.

Celebrating our 1 year anniversary in Houston, TX

Thursday we will head back to Nashville! We are looking forward to being back in Music City where we will be living and working amongst refugees from all over the world.
Updates to come!

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