Goodbye Nashville Part 2

Monday, May 6, 2013

Packing…it's kinda a pain. But completely necessary I suppose. As our apartment becomes more empty, it's starting to set in that tomorrow we are pulling out of Nashville. There's just something about this city that has made me fall in love with it. We are going to miss this city and the people we've met here.

Here are some highlights from 2012-2013 of living in Nashville:

Piggy back rides :)

Eating a Kurdish meal with our Kurdish friends

Hanging out with these awesome Nepali kids

I'm going to miss these girls!

Mission trip in Atlanta

Downtown Nashville 

We have spent every Monday night at this girl's house with her and her family. They have been our Spanish teachers and we're going to miss them so so much! 

I have loved living in a refugee apartment complex. These kids may be crazy, but they are so fun and believe it or not I will miss their random invasions into our home. 

Tomorrow's the day we head out. Tomorrow's also the day we become nomads for 4ish months! Our summer schedule is looking pretty crazy, but it's going to be great summer of traveling and spending time with friends and family.

 Adios, Nashville.

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