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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

 Answered prayer: I got a job!

God's timing is just right. I am so thankful to be working. Mitch is doing some work as well, helping out with the Mobilizing Students website. He's a guru with that kind of stuff.

 God is good and faithful.

 Last week we took a visit to the World Relief Center and they took us through an orientation. Mitch and I have decided to adopt a family from Cuba!

While we were there, they showed us a small clip from the documentary "God Grew Tired of Us." It follows the lives of several boys who were considered "The Lost Boys." They fled their own country of Sudan due to war and traveled through the dessert into Kenya. It shows what life was like in the refugee camps and how they adjusted once they moved to the United States. I encourage you to watch it. 

If you want to know more about World Relief, click here.

As for our studies, we are continuing through the book of Romans verse by verse each morning. We are also being equipped to share the Gospel with boldness!

Some things we have been praying for lately have been the persecuted church/restricted nations. Our prayer request for you would be to join with us as we pray for our brothers and sisters across the world who are tortured for the cause of Christ.

You can read about all the restricted and hostile nations at the Voice of the Martyrs website. Persecution.com

Praying for Afghanistan and Algeria 

The whole group!

Pray for us as we prepare for our first trip to the Dominican Republic and Haiti in 3 weeks!

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