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Thursday, April 11, 2013

At the beginning of March, some of the Trek-Xers hosted some hispanics in their apartment. I was in Atlanta leading a trip, but Mitch hosted 3 guys from Mexico and the guys apartment hosted a couple from Venezuela. They were all believers here for a conference to learn about the Kurdish culture. Nashville has the largest Kurdish population in all of the US! Our Kurdish friends who live in our complex made everyone a typical meal for all to enjoy. 

Mid March we had a week off so I took the opportunity to go home for a few days. This is at Pensacola Beach overlooking the Bay.

Celebrated our risen Savior on Easter!!

Retreated to the woods of Tennessee for a nice weekend getaway with everyone! 

Made new friends- a family of 6 who just recently arrived to the US from Colombia! 

Sweet note we received on our door from a cute little Burmese boy named Revenue. awww!

My latest photo shoot took place at this adorable floral shop! :) 

Hope everyone is enjoying Spring weather! Our countdown in now at 27 days until we leave Nashville. I have so many mixed emotions about that! Oh well, time to make the best of it!
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