Puerto Rico part 1

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hola from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico! We have been here for 11 days now and still have a solid 3 weeks to go.  Since Mitch and I are moving to Guatemala in September, I feel like this trip has been a good warm up for our move to come. I have been to Puerto Rico 6 times and this one is quite different from all the rest. We have come to look at different churches/ministries in PR to see about partnering with Mobilizing Students. We have been buying groceries, driving ourselves around, and being very independent as if we lived here. It has helped me process some of the frustrations and stress I will experience when in Guatemala. Only they will be felt more so in Guatemala, being that is quiet different from the Americanized island of Puerto Rico. However, I am thankful for God's grace and provision. 

Since being here we have discovered some beautiful parts of the island, and have also partaken in ministry (the church we are staying at is smack dab in the middle of the projects). 
While being here, I read a book called “When Helping Hurts.” This books focuses on poverty alleviation around the world and in America. The authors give incredible, biblical insight and wisdom to what poverty alleviation looks like. I recommend it to anyone who is a church/ministry leader, interested/passionate about poverty alleviation, or people going on short term/long term mission trips. 

Here are some photos from our explorations! 


Adios until next time! 

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