Wednesday, September 18, 2013

 Visiting the University of Arkansas
Visiting the spot where Mitch proposed to me in Fayetteville, AR. Isn't it beautiful?! Good pick, Mitch! 

Tailgating at my first Razorback game. Woo pig sooie. Good thing they don't play Florida State, right? Then we'd be a house divided!

Meeting sweet baby Nathan. Sorry folks, it will be a while before you see us holding our own child. 

Packing for Guatemala! Don't be fooled, I did most (all) of the packing.

Lola wishes she could come with me…and I wish she could too :) 

Yummy country cookin'. This is the first local Nashville restaurant Mitch and I ate at when we first moved to Nashville and where we saw two famous people! 

Trek-X Launching Ceremony 

The 5 of us entered into Trek-X at the same time and now we are being "launched" into the world. David is continuing in Nashville, Sean and Steven are headed for Turkey and Mitch and I are off to Guatemala!

Mitch and I, Steven, Sean and David (and our new backpacks!)

These people are like family. So blessed to be a part of a Mobilizing Students and Trek-X.

On Saturday, our organization held a launching ceremony for the 5 of us being sent out. After a night of worship, prayer, and fellowship I felt so encouraged and humbled. I am surrounded by an amazing group of people who love Jesus. What an honor it is to serve with them! Mitch and I pray we can find a group of believers and friends to connect with in Guatemala. 

Our 5 months of traveling is almost over(!!!). We are in Nashville until the official move next month. While it has been fun to travel around where all our friends and family are, it has been so tiresome for me. The nomad's way of life is a lot more glamorous than it appears. I feel tired physically and emotionally, but the Lord has been so faithful. Each day we get a little closer to being in beautiful Guatemala! I am fully aware that we will have our own set of struggles in Guate, but I am just looking forward to being settled

Thank you to everyone praying for us as we prepare to leave the country in 2 weeks! 

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  1. Thank you so much for the newsy update. Be assured of the Hooper's prayers! We can't wait to hear about what God is doing in and through you in Guatemala!!


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