Puerto Rico Part 2

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Good/ Not so good

Our meetings with Pastor’s have gone great. Each one of them is interested in receiving mission teams to their church and I can see a great partnership forming in the near future.

The other night while we were in the grocery store we noticed some people who looked like us-Gringos! The crazy part is the guy had a shirt on that said “smashville” (Nashville Predators hockey team). They are from Nashville and their church is not far from where we lived. They too were on a mission trip and happened to be staying literally 2 blocks down from us. We spent a day with their youth translating for them and joined them for devotional time one night.

We have gotten to know a family in the projects and have spent a lot of time with them (full story coming soon). I think it has been a blessing for both them and us.

Not so good:
We have made plans with several Puerto Ricans we’ve met and each time it has fell through. I guess building relationships can be hard when you’re only here for a month.

I’m not going lie, sleeping on an air mattress starts to get old.

Even though there have been unfortunate or frustrating things occur, I want to look to God and his goodness instead of a crappy circumstance. God is always good, even when my world isn’t. 


See ya in 2 days, America! 

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