Puerto Rico part 3

Friday, July 19, 2013

"It’s hard to make me cry and get me to go to church, and y'all have done both. And we are going to keep going to church, at least every Sunday." With watery eyes and heavy hearts we listen to Norberto for the last time. We still can't believe how God is moving as we say good-bye to our new friends. Norberto and his family are re-dedicating their lives to walking with Christ!
             Three weeks earlier we are sitting in the church praying for opportunities to make Christ known across Puerto Rico. Looking outside the window, we see a lady and three children standing outside the gated church. We spend the afternoon in their small living room, reading the Bible and getting to know her and the children. We learn that her name is Magda and the three grandchildren belong to her husband, Norberto. After hearing about the kids living in an abusive environment and the grandparents gaining custody, we realize that this family has been through a lot.Our afternoons there soon become an everyday thing and a wonderful friendship develops. The more time we spend with them, the more they begin to open up to us. We learn that they are struggling financially due to the children's medical bills. In our minds this becomes the perfect opportunity to meet a need and show the love of Christ. We raise $750 and accompany them to buy whatever they need, from school supplies and uniforms, to a new washer and freezer.

            Our last Sunday is spent with them at the church Norberto attended 30 years ago! On the way he tells us, “I’ve always believed that Jesus is my Savior, but I had a divorce and moved to another city and just fell away. But I want to start again, especially for the kids.” Two days later we leave Puerto Rico with joy in our hearts and are thankful for the friendship we made.

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